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Start selling gold jewellery for cash with our family run, Australian owned and operated business that has revolutionised the gold buying industry. 

Our Simple, Speedy and Secure service is completely FREE, provides insurance, and uses Australia Post Priority and Registered delivery services.

Offering a nation wide, online gold buying service, we can service any Australian from across the country.  


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As Australia’s most trusted gold buyer, expect complete transparency during your gold valuation process. 

Even better, receive payment within 24 hours of us valuing your gold! Simple, speedy, safe and secure. We’ll buy your gold and in return, you can earn instant cash.

Selling Gold; It’s as easy as 1,2,3!
Did we mention it’s free?!

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    Step 1: Request Your Free
    Mail In Pack

    We will accept gold in any condition; worn, weathered, outdated or just unwanted! Now is the perfect time to declutter in exchange for cash.
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    Ship Your Items Safely And
    Free Of Charge

    Once you receive your parcel, collate it with your precious metals and send it straight to an Australian post office. Your parcel is registered and tracked with our secure mail-in service. Testament to this service is our 100% delivery success rate!
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    Get Paid Within 24 Hours

    We will send you an email with your valuation within 24 hours of receiving your parcel. From here you can choose to either accept or decline the quote.

    If you choose to accept, an instant payment will be made in 24 hours to your bank account. If you choose to decline, we will send you back your gold and precious metals without any charge to you!

Hear What Our Customers Have To Say!

Start selling gold jewellery for cash with Gold Buyers! Customers selfie for testimonial of her experience.

Emma Norton-McKellar


Fantastic service - Tanya was amazing. The whole process is so simple and true to their word, I was offered a great return on my gold as soon as my parcel arrived at their premises. Payment was transferred directly into my account overnight. Could not ask for a better experience! Thank you!
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Start selling gold jewellery for cash with Gold Buyers! Customers selfie for testimonial of her experience.

Ebony Rose Bautista


Only good things to say about gold buyers mail in! Have used them twice now and would recommend to anyone. Quick, efficient and friendly service. The turnover time is so fast and the process is stress free. All you have to do is fill out a form and put the satchel in a post box. Thank you!
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Start selling gold jewellery for cash with Gold Buyers! Customers selfie for testimonial of her experience.

Jennifer Leslie


The process was super easy & so quick! Once they received my package an evaluation was sent and approved payment was made by that afternoon. Tanya was so lovely to deal with (fantastic customer service). Was really happy with the figure I was offered & would recommend this service to anyone.
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Our Mail-In Service Is Completely
Including Postage!

Receive top value for your old gold with our premium service. Because who wants hidden fees! We’ll look after you every step of the way, from delivering your postal parcel and receiving a quote from our team for FREE. 

Our system is designed to seamlessly allow you to sell scrap gold without the fuss. Making our service undoubtedly the best when it comes to customer satisfaction. 

Equally, for value, security and convenience to our valued customers. The absolute best thing for you is receiving cash for your back pocket!

Women selling gold jewellery for cash with Gold Buyers, placing Gold Buyers envelope into postage box

10 Reasons You Should Start Selling Gold Jewellery For Cash With Our Secure Online Mail-In System:

  • Premium service with 100% customer satisfaction rate
  • 96% of customers accept our valuation
  • Sell within the privacy and convenience of your own home
  • Speedy and safe delivery service
  • Completely free registered delivery, tracking of parcel and insurance
  • XRF technology and equipment to most accurately determine value of items
  • Competitive price for your gold
  • Quote received within 24 hours of valuing your gold
  • Upon acceptance of quote, payment made within 24 hours
  • If you choose to not accept the valuation, free return of your items straight to your door

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"I was able to buy my daughter surf lessons with the cash I received"

Real Stories, From Real Customers

To summarise how selling your gold online works:

Step 1. Order your Mail-In pack to us

Click on the button below and complete the detailed form and your pack will be posted the same day!
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Step 2. Receive & Return Your Mail-In Pack

Upon receiving your mail-in pack, fill with all your gold and precious metal pieces. A Registered Australia Post, reply-paid satchel is also supplied. This has an allocated tracking number for easy and safe tracking of your delivery.
Order Your Mail-In Pack Here >

Step 3. Await Valuation And Quotation

After receiving your goods, our team will test and evaluate your gold's value. A quote will be sent within 24 hours of this process, which you can choose to accept or reject free of charge!
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Bonus Offer: Get 5% Extra For Your Gold When You Send Your Mail-In Pack Back To Us In 5 Days!

Receive 5% more for your gold when you send your gold back to us within 5 working days!

At Gold Buyers Online, we believe recycling is part of building a more sustainable future. When you work with us to sell your unwanted gold items, you’re not only earning cash, but you’re also actively contributing to the circular economy.

By recycling gold, we are reducing the demand for new gold mining, and in turn, minimising the waste and energy production associated with it. We are committed to ensuring that the gold we purchase from you is put back into the economy in a sustainable way.

Join our mission to promote gold recycling by selling your unwanted gold items with us today!

You’ll Be Contributing To The Circular Economy When You Work With Gold Buyers Online

Want To See Us In Store?

Alternatively, we offer an in-store option providing an obligation-free quote and also payment within the same day of quote approval. 

Choose which service works for you! Our stores are located at Sunshine Plaza Shopping Centre Maroochydore, Robina Town Centre, and Kawana Shoppingworld Budding. 

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